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How to properly buy fresh pork for cooking

Fresh pork It should have a naturally light pink color, be white, not have a fishy or putrid smell, and not have mucus on the skin or a repeating green appearance. Pork is the most popular ingredient. in cooking Pork is meat that has many different parts to

How to sit without back pain

Office workers or working people, have you ever noticed why when we sit and work for a long time? Then back pain often occurs on a regular basis. No matter how often you go for massage. It doesn’t help the pain in my back that’s so tight it’s

Ways to clean fruits and vegetables Free from toxic residues

Ways to clean fruits and vegetables Free from toxic residues. It is well known that eating is very important for good health. Every main meal should have all 5 nutritional groups. Of course, what is indispensable is Various fruits and vegetables Because it has vitamins and minerals. Including fiber that