How to sit without back pain

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Office workers or working people, have you ever noticed why when we sit and work for a long time? Then back pain often occurs on a regular basis. No matter how often you go for massage. It doesn’t help the pain in my back that’s so tight it’s completely gone. I can’t get up and I can sit down. That is because many people may be overlooking important problems regarding ‘Working position’ is the position that we think is the most comfortable. It might be the position that causes us the most back pain. We want to take everyone to look at the correct working posture. Guaranteed if you follow it. Prepare to wave goodbye to back pain.

How to sit without pain

  • Your work chair should be an adjustable chair. By adjusting that Our elbow area should be at the same level as the table. Let your hands rest on the keyboard. And there is a pillow on the back. To reduce symptoms of shoulder muscle contraction elbow and lower back
  • Feet should be placed flat on the floor. If the chair is high and the feet float We should fix this by finding a box or a ream of paper for the shoes. So that our feet can rest flat
  • In the computer screen section Placing the screen should be 1 arm’s length away from us. And another technique is top edge of screen It should be at our eye level. We will not have to sit crouched or look up and strain our neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Keyboard and mouse position It should not be placed far from us. It should be placed close to the body so as not to overwork the muscles. In the case of a notebook, we may need an additional keyboard and mouse and there should be a silicone pad on the mouse handle area. To prevent compression of the nerves in the wrist.

Sitting and working for a long time How does it adversely affect health.

Before looking at the correct sitting position Did you know that sitting and working in one place for a long time can lead to. It has a negative effect on our health, both short-term problems and long-term problems. It’s not just back pain. But there are other negative effects as well, so don’t be complacent. Hurry and correct these behaviors immediately. Report by UFABET

Pain in the back and other parts of the body.

This symptom is the most common symptom of people who sit and work for long periods of time. There is usually pain in the middle of the back. The problem comes from poor seating posture. It causes our spinal bones to deteriorate. In addition to back pain Some people may experience neck pain. Arm and leg pain included. Because sitting and working requires the use of muscles in this part. Whether you strain your neck to look at the computer screen or haven’t moved your legs for a long time And there is also an incorrect positioning of the arms. Because you have to sit and type.