Shevchenko revealed that her family did not ask to leave Ukraine

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AC Milan legend Andre Shevchenko has called for an end to the ongoing war. He revealed that his family was in Kiev and refused to leave Ukraine.

          It is also a hot story around the world of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Which many parties oppose and sanctions on many fronts. Which Shevchenko himself spoke about. He also reveal that the family is in Ukraine. And asks to stay in Kiev.

         “I talked to my family, I talked to my mother and said I wanted to go back. But my feeling at this moment in talking. About what’s going on. It is a real tragedy that Ukrainians are facing right now,” Shevchenko told Sky Sports News ufabet.

         “My idea is to try to make people understand the situation. The human situation we are facing. I try to talk to the foundation to raise money and help society in Crane.”

         “I am very proud to be born Ukrainian. It is a difficult time for my country, my people, my family, my mother and sister are in Kiev right now. And something bad happened there. People are dying, children are dying, missiles are aimed at our house.”

         “I have tried (convincing my family to leave Ukraine) many times. I have spoken to them. But the answer is no they want to be there. This is the Ukrainian spirit.”